Homemaking in the dunes

Homemaking in the Dunes.

New England Sass on the Western Slope.

Prime day

Prime Day is July 12 and the 13th. This year they are offering a way to collect a free 10.00 to spend if you are a Prime member. 1. Order an item that qualifies for Prime shipping. 2. Stream a Prime video. 3. Stream a Prime Song. 3. Borrow a Prime reading title. They sendContinue reading “Prime day”

The dumbest and unkindest question I have ever been asked as an adoptive parent.

As I have said many times in recent days, I have many tales from this trip. I have never been asked so many obtuse questions in my life. I worked in social services in homes for decades and I have heard questions regarding all aspects of my life. This week I encountered the ultimate levelContinue reading “The dumbest and unkindest question I have ever been asked as an adoptive parent.”

Frugal Fridays

By the way, my icon is one of my photo works. Digital photography is a side hustle that I do and that I use for gift gifting. With a bit of practice, children can easily acquire this skill and put it to use. An inexpensive smartphone can upload quality photos until you are ready toContinue reading “Frugal Fridays”

Mabel on her own.

Mabel was curious about the black-haired hair sitting at the end of the counter. Green-eyed, Stetson cowboy hat, and double dimples. Breakfast was taking too long to arrive. Mabel was having difficulty following the storyline of the Great Gatsby even though she knew the plot as her own heartbeat. Mabel felt herself tremble as ClydeContinue reading “Mabel on her own.”

Stepping in and out of family roles in other dysfunctional family settings.

This was a trip that I had dreaded for weeks and weeks. There were so many signs not to go. I became more and more anxious as we reached our destination. I was not greeted warmly and was insulted by another person I barely know. I could not sit down for family dinner. I physicallyContinue reading “Stepping in and out of family roles in other dysfunctional family settings.”

Still homeward bound.

We had a restless night sleep at the hotel. A very poor breakfast set up. Wifi was out. The hairdryer didn’t work. My husband’s playful nature has gotten on my last nerve. Thank god we are on the way home. We off to check the rental property.

Stolen Hellman’s, slurpies,what brand of ketchup is on the White House Walls, and hitting the wall.

I was at the campground and shared supplies with a fellow camper. This cost me a jar of Hellman’s and a phone charger. I was more miffed about the mayo than anything else. I needed to make lunch for family. I needed to buzz into Smith’s and grab a small bottle for the price ofContinue reading “Stolen Hellman’s, slurpies,what brand of ketchup is on the White House Walls, and hitting the wall.”

Homeward bound.

I have been pretty quiet on my blog. We are still traveling homeward. I am still very dehydrated and have a cold. I will posting plenty of dramatic highlights of our trip. We have a broken fridge to deal with at the end of our trip. Long story… I spent some great days writing aboutContinue reading “Homeward bound.”

Frugal Fridays:

Gift season will be arriving before we know it, we budget 15 a month per person all year. It doesn’t kill your budget. I hit the clearance section all year, I will even shop the clearance in the grocery store. I do a lot of our shopping for our grandchild on Amazon during the yearContinue reading “Frugal Fridays:”

Taco Thursday:

We are enjoying our time on the road. We have been taking in the sights. I have annoyed my husband with my perfect 10-2 driving at the speed limit. I tell him to just go to sleep. I get road rage in the passenger seat when we are in California. People drive insane. My husbandContinue reading “Taco Thursday:”

Absent fathers

Now that Father’s Day has come and gone, I wanted to share my thoughts are raising a boy without a father. It is time to think about fathers and male role models beyond Father’s Day. Fathers and male role models need to be supported and cherished by those who have done the journey. My oldestContinue reading “Absent fathers”

Tidy Tuesday

Tuesday are the days that I get our appointments, home issues, food inventory, and beauty stuff. During the school year, we use this day to review project datelines and needs for assignments. We do our family meetings every Tuesday. Tonight was also the date night before the big backpacking trip. Kids are having a movieContinue reading “Tidy Tuesday”

Father’s Day

Fathers should be celebrated in our lives. Today, our special father was treated to a New England Roast dinner with all the fixings. I baked mini apple pies and homemade ice cream. The kids made him cards and made him breakfast. They created coupons for gardening and other little chores. My gift to my husbandContinue reading “Father’s Day”

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